Launch of INSPIRE Community Forum

The INSPIRE Thematic Cluster collaboration platform was launched in late 2014 to serve as an entry point for INSPIRE data providers, implementers and users to share experiences, best practices, raise questions and to resolve issues in their thematic domains. The 34 INSPIRE data themes were grouped into 9 clusters, each having one facilitator supporting the activity.

In order to better link the activity to the work of the INSPIRE Maintanance and Implementation Group (MIG) and to meet the need to have a forum for cross-thematic discussions on software and technologies, the platform has been finetuned into a new platform during the months before the Inspire Helsinki 2019 event.

During this session, we will give you an insight into new structure, contents and use of the new INSPIRE Community Forum collaborative platform. You will also be introduced to the facilitators present at the event.

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