Feel the power of INSPIRE WCS / WCPS in your hands

This hands-on workshop will focus on exploring the advantages of using coverages through the OGC standards WCS / WCPS and SOS when accessing, subsetting, and combining INSPIRE coverage data sources, e.g.:

The proposed workshop will be structured according to the following approximate schema:

a) State of Play about coverage data and WCS / WCPS services standardisation in OGC / ISO, including the new OGC OpenAPI - Coverages interface.

b) State of Play of INSPIRE Coverages - OGC Compliant INSPIRE XSD coverage schemas.

c) Practical WCS / WCPS exercise:

d) Conclusions for the future and the evolution of INSPIRE coverages.

The practical exercise proposed as the central task of this workshop will allow the audience to experience the potential of these technologies and fully-understand the main benefits of integrating them within their daily geospatial businesses and analytical tasks.

All practical examples and documentation part of this workshop will be published in the INSPIRE Community Forum (https://inspire.ec.europa.eu/forum/), together with a comprehensive overview of the outcomes of this activity.

In conclusion, this activity constitutes a unique opportunity to boost coverage data and services use by the INSPIRE community at large, focusing on the key benefits delivered to all stakeholders involved.

Requirements for participants

The workshop is targeted to both, users and providers of any kind of geospatial raster data. It will be conducted smoothly to beginners. A laptop with internet connection would be recommendable for accessing to the schemas related to INSPIRE coverage data and interacting with a WCS accessing INSPIRE Coverage data: http://ows.rasdaman.org/rasdaman/ows. Any operating system is valid.

Pre-workshop preparation - It would be desirable if attendees could:

a) Familiarise with the basics of coverages by reading the tutorials at http://www.earthserver.eu/webinars and the discussions about INSPIRE coverages in the INSPIRE Community Forum.

b) Have a look at the discussions about INSPIRE coverages held in the INSPIRE Community Forum and DataCoveEU GitHub

c) The conclusions about these issues in order to implement OGC CIS1.0 compliant INSPIRE coverages: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1186%2Fs40965-019-0059-x

d) Schemas related to INSPIRE coverage data:

e) Collect open issues within their organisations for discussion, analysis and clarification.

Other information