Making INSPIRE Useable with ArcGIS and Alternative Encodings

You are a local, regional, or national data provider interested in simplifying your INSPIRE experience. You have data that are valuable to address critical domestic and cross-border initiatives. You need to provide your data to partners in a way that is both useful and meets INSPIRE requirements. As a data user, you need to find and use INSPIRE and supplemental data that work smoothly in your desktop client. You need to consume your neighbour’s INSPIRE data in your applications.

In this workshop, we will guide participants through a full-circle ArcGIS workflow using INSPIRE data with GeoJSON alternative encoding. We demonstrate how to easily create, share, and use your INSPIRE data in cross-jurisdictional applications. You’ll see many new patterns of Web GIS that are possible today, such as open sharing of authoritative data, views to your data that support rich cartographic symbolisation and secure field data collection, proven community solution templates, and more. We demonstrate how spatial data APIs expose a rich set of geospatial, mapping, and administrative functionality. Learn Open Data search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques that make your spatial data discoverable through mainstream search engines. Visit some work-in-progress aligning to JRC MIG 2017.2 Alternative Encodings. See integration of ArcGIS for INSPIRE and various real-world example implementations of ArcGIS Hub serving SDI needs. Finally, we’ll explore together some aspirational ideas for the future.

Requirements for participants

N/A (while audience members are welcome to try things hands-on, this workshop does not require participants to have their own device)

Other information