Experiences in implementing pan-European Services using national INSPIRE services

A workshop on sharing our experiences in implementing pan-European Services using national INSPIRE services, with a particular focus on lesson learned. Based on our ELF, ELS and CRD experiences we have learned a lot, and it would be of interest to others if we take the opportunity to share these more widely. Key partners in pan-European projects will present the lessons learned.

This workshop will present our experiences in using national INSPIRE data to implement pan-European services. The European Location Framework (ELF) project developed standards, tools, technical infrastructure and services (collectively called the ELF Platform) to provide authoritative and INSPIRE-compliant spatial reference data, harmonised at a cross-border and pan-European level. The Open ELS project was a European Commission (EC) funded project that developed pan-European Open data services from European NMCAs, based on the ELF platform. The Core Reference Dataset (CRD) developed a prototype from INSPIRE compliant national data, where available, for the themes Transportation (Road and Railway) and Hydrography. This prototype included only a few feature types and attributes as defined in the draft data specification appropriate for satisfying basic user needs, not full INSPIRE specifications.

Many lessons were learned; Our workshop will explore what worked, what did not work, and if we did this again, what we would do differently. Key partners involved will present their experiences. The workshop will include a discussion to explore others’ experiences, and answer more detailed questions. Following this event we will compile a paper to help build on the achievements of INSPIRE and develop future pan-European use-cases.

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